Prioritize Your Health With a Well-Woman Exam

Women, make your health a priority and take care of yourself today! One of the best ways to prioritize your health is simple – stay up to date on your annual wellness visits and exams, often called your well-woman exam.

This annual appointment starts at home, where patients can review their medical chart online and consider any specific topics they would like to discuss at their upcoming visit. When the patient arrives at the office, staff will check vital signs and inquire about any specific concerns the patient is hoping to address. The provider will ask questions about health history, and obstetric and gynecology history. All of that information is then used to guide what exam and screening tests are best suited for each individual. For example, many patients are surprised that the Pap test is often not required every single visit! After the exam, there is time for any questions or concerns.

Many women feel nervous about scheduling preventive appointments. It helps to think of the providers as consultants. It is an opportunity to learn and consider their professional advice. Take the time to think about what was discussed and circle back later to create a plan without feeling pressured on the spot. For some, having an exam can be a sensitive matter. It is always reasonable to simply talk to the provider and return another time for a physical exam.

A well-woman visit is custom to each individual. The patient’s health history and specific concerns drive the conversation of the appointment. The path to achieving and maintaining good health can look different for each person. Through puberty, motherhood, menopause and beyond, women need health care that addresses their bodies’ nuances and their lives. Let this serve as your reminder to be intentional and informed about your health.

Is it time for your well-woman exam? Schedule one with your ProMedica OB/Gyn today.