Quit Smoking, Vaping and Nicotine for Good

No matter the reason you decided to quit, quitting smoking, vaping or nicotine is just plain hard. However, you have so much to gain by quitting smoking – and there are plenty of resources to help you on your journey.

The thought of quitting can be daunting, scary or even depressing. Cheryl Horn, registered respiratory therapist and certified tobacco treatment specialist at ProMedica, shares, “The psychological aspect of quitting is as challenging as the physical dependency. The good news is that those feelings are normal and expected; and with help, can be overcome.”

Help may include tobacco cessation medications, counseling or cessation programs. These tools won’t make quitting easy, but they can make it easier. Learn more about how to quit smoking in the video below.

Quitting is hard, but so worth the effort. Watch more videos about tobacco and nicotine cessation.