5 Traits of Creative Thinkers

Creative thinking is at the heart of innovation; it lets us move away from the here and now to focus on the possibilities. At ProMedica, we value and support innovation because we know that it fosters creative problem solving and leads to new health solutions.

ProMedica Innovations helps develop products that can improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve. “Creative thinkers from different departments and hospitals regularly share concepts for new software, technologies and devices that can advance patient care and outcomes with us,” says John P. Pigott, MD, FACS, Chief Innovations Officer. “We know ProMedica is filled with out-of-the-box problem solvers who can leverage science and innovation to move the field forward and we want to use our resources to give their breakthrough ideas a boost.”

Everyone has the power to tap into creative thinking to improve the world around them. The ProMedica Innovation team shares these five traits of creative thinkers and how you can use these traits to spark innovation, in health care and beyond.

1. Inquisitive

Questioning the “how” and “why” provides a better understanding of the way things work, which in turn enables innovators to contemplate how processes might be improved. Curiosity is core to discovery. Feed your desire to know more – it’ll expand your knowledge as well as your mindfulness, ability to observe and have meaningful interactions.

2. Adaptable

Creative thinkers are flexible in their approach to problem-solving and open to exploring different solutions. In health care, not every ailment is routine and not all treatments can be standardized. An openness to research, consultation, different diagnoses and shifting approaches helps in mapping treatments that will generate the best possible patient outcomes. Whatever field you’re in, consider how you can look past the cookie-cutter approach to explore new options.

3. Passionate

An emotional or intellectual investment pushes innovators to go to great lengths to find viable routes and new destinations. After all, when we are passionate about something, obstacles seem more like challenges than impassable roadblocks. Consider why you chose your field or project in the first place. What is your sense of purpose in the work that you do? It’s that drive to make a difference that pushes us to move forward even in the face of uncertainty.

4. Imaginative

By allowing their minds to wander into the unknown, creative thinkers can see new patterns and possibilities. For example, healthcare providers take more than data into consideration when making a diagnosis or outlining a treatment. They factor in their patient’s personality and lifestyle and use their imagination to play out the options and their impacts, mentally exploring alternative paths and strategies. How can you be imaginative in your work? Take a break from focused, linear thinking to give your brain an opportunity to assemble information in novel ways.

5. Determined

There’s a metaphorical “box” that can constrain us. Reimagining or busting out of its confines can be uncomfortable—especially when it seems like we’re the only ones doing it–but there are no breakthroughs when we simply stay the course. The world around us is ever-changing, and to find answers, we have to stray from well-trodden territory to explore ideas that seem out of line with more traditional ways of thinking.

Now that you know the five traits of creative thinkers, try to find ways to incorporate these traits into your work and daily life. How do you demonstrate these traits? Where do you have room to grow? Investing in yourself may just lead to the next real-world innovation.

You can submit an idea for feedback and support consideration from ProMedica Innovations at any time. Share your novel medical device, tech-enabled healthcare solutions and other types of cutting-edge technologies at nextbigidea.tech.