How Innovation, Creation Are Changing Health Care

The advancement of health care doesn’t just depend on the improvement of medicine; it also depends on the improvement of methods and processes. It requires exploring and testing new ways of doing things—evolving health care as a results-driven, consumer-focused industry that stems from invention and creation.

That’s why more and more health systems throughout the United States are turning their eyes toward innovation. Just this week, the American Medical Association announced its $15M investment to become a founding partner for Health 2047, a standalone, for-profit innovative company.

In Toledo, innovation has a seat among ProMedica’s four core values. The nonprofit health system has partnered with Cleveland Clinic Innovations in a collaborative group that offers ProMedica doctors, employees and affiliated inventors the support and expertise to make their inventions a reality, creating marketable products that can improve health and well-being.

ProMedica Innovations has already seen success through the program, with the FLEX Scoring Catheter™, an invention by John Pigott, MD, that is now being produced locally and sold in Europe.

In a recent speech before the Rotary Club of Toledo, ProMedica President and CEO Randy Oostra said that this device and other ProMedica innovations could lead to 300 new jobs in Toledo in the coming years.

“These collaborations generate ideas and products that could ultimately lead to new companies and new jobs right here in our area,” said Randy Oostra in an interview with ProMedica HealthConnect correspondent Chrys Peterson.

Watch the video below as Chrys Peterson goes behind the scenes at ProMedica Innovations’ new 6,000-square-foot incubator, and discusses recent inventions spearheaded by local experts.

Learn more about the FLEX Scoring Catheter™, a device developed through ProMedica Innovations that is now clearing hard-to-treat blocked arteries.