Molecular Breast Imaging Delivers Precise Cancer Detection

When her doctor found a lump in her breast, 26-year-old Erica Tyburski found herself at ProMedica’s Breast Care Center for a mammogram and then a secondary screening called Molecular Breast Imaging, or MBI.

Because dense breast tissue can make it difficult for doctors to read mammogram results, young women like Erica and others with dense breast tissue can benefit from MBI, which uses a small amount of radiation to detect potentially cancerous cells in the breast.

Radiologist Robin Shermis, MD, says ProMedica is a leader in the use of MBI technology for breast cancer detection. “In terms of detection, we’re at a state now where we’re finding very small cancers,” he assures. “Our goal is to find these invasive cancers before they spread.”

Watch the video below as ProMedica HealthConnect Correspondent Chrys Peterson talks with Dr. Shermis and Erica and shows how MBI is fighting breast cancer by catching it before it spreads.