Free STNA Program Helps Develop Careers in Health Care

Oriana is 20 years old and lives with her mother to share household expenses. Before pursuing her current career path, Oriana was pregnant and working two jobs at different healthcare facilities at an hourly wage. In pursuit of financial stability and a career pathway for her soon-to-be-born child, Oriana decided to explore career paths in health care. During this search, she found out about ProMedica Ebeid Center’s 5-week State Testing Nursing Assistant (STNA) training program.

Moving up the ladder in any career can be a challenge. Finances, education, access to childcare and lack of time were all barriers for Oriana, but she knew that the STNA program could provide the financial and educational pieces she needed. The program offers the STNA courses at no charge and helps pay for testing and scrubs. It also provides free financial coaching, employment and income support, soft skills training, and credit building workshops. Oriana applied, and was accepted into the program in the summer of 2020.

Oriana continued to work both jobs while participating in a five-week cohort of STNA candidates. Between both jobs and class time, she was spending about 60 hours per week towards her STNA program. Beyond job and in-class time, she still needed to study, travel to and from employment and class, care for herself and her unborn child, and help manage things around the house. Of course, she was tired, but it didn’t matter; Oriana was willing to reach her goals.

Oriana completed the course later that summer and received her state license as a STNA in Ohio. She knows the program helped set her on a career path and is now poised to pursue a career in nursing! Of course, Oriana didn’t stop there. After she attended the Everything Credit workshop offered by the Financial Opportunity Center (FOC), she was encouraged to do better for herself and her new baby. Oriana wanted to improve her finances even more, so she did just that. Oriana is still working two jobs at different healthcare facilities but has nearly tripled her income.

Her monthly cash flow improved from negative to positive cash flow, she increased her credit score by more than 100 points, improved her financial well-being score and drastically improved her net worth. Oriana is proud of her progress, but again, has set her sights higher. First-time homeownership is Oriana’s next goal. She continues to work with the FOC to help prepare her for this next step. Congrats, Oriana! You are a true example of someone genuinely wanting to change their life!

For more information about ProMedica Ebeid Center and the STNA program, please visit ProMedica’s website.