Memory Care Resident’s Heart’s Desire Fulfilled with Animal Visit

Joan, a resident at Arden Courts – ProMedica Memory Care Community (West Orange), has a love for animals, and had expressed her desire to interact with any animal that could visit her at the memory care community. Thanks to Animal Interactions from Rockland County, New York, the Arden Courts team was able to fulfill Joan’s Heart’s Desire to spend time with some animals, both big and small.

Sierra Mason, program service coordinator at Arden Courts, contacted Animal Interactions to help make Joan’s dream come true and bring some animals to the memory care community. “It brings me great joy to know that I can fulfill a resident’s request for something they love so much,” shared Mason.

Joan was so excited about her Heart’s Desire, and to be able to share it with her husband and son. Animal Interactions brought a baby goat, two cats, a guinea pig with her two babies, two chinchillas and a rabbit with her eight babies. “The joy on Joan’s face was priceless! It was very satisfying to see the happiness the animals and everyone brought to her,” said Mason.

Joan was very happy and nurturing with every animal that she got to hold. She wanted to protect them and every so often she would ask if she could take one with her or where they are going after her visit.

This was not only therapeutic for Joan, but for her family and some of the employees who were able to share in the celebration. “Seeing the smile on Joan’s face every time she got to hold one of the animals was very gratifying,” shared Martha Outz, executive director of Arden Courts. “Joan’s family felt very welcomed and they were grateful for our team helping to give their loved one hope and happiness.”

The Heart’s Desire program has granted thousands of our patient’s wishes since 1997. Heart’s Desire is designed to enrich the lives of our patients, residents and clients; encouraging them to take advantage of all that life has to offer and continue their active participation in the community. A Heart’s Desire can be something daring or something simple. What makes it special is that it is unique to that particular individual.