Reflecting on Women’s Equality

The following blog was written by a ProMedica employee in reflection of Women’s Equality Day, August 26, 2021. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely the opinions of the author. They do not reflect the opinions of ProMedica or other ProMedica employees.

As August 26 rolls around, the date the Nineteenth Amendment was certified, I celebrate.

I rejoice with women from every state and every cultural and religious group who have worked to secure our right to vote. The groundwork has been laid.

We still have a long way to go.

Politically, I feel there is more and more representation locally, statewide and nationally; even our Vice President is a woman.

Working in health care, I’m surrounded by women. Historically, women have dominated health care so when I came to ProMedica, it was no surprise my colleagues would be women as well. I see women physicians, nurses and caring staff everywhere in our healthcare system. This is not surprising nor is this new.

What is encouraging is to see how many women are in leadership roles around the organization, not just at the bedside. Everything from supply chain to chief information officer for Provider and Clinical Services, decisions are made by women. I quickly learned that my voice matters. I work in a field and for a company who has time and again respected my opinions, my experience and my abilities regardless of my sex. I feel fortunate.

There’s more to do.

Our U.S. constitution is one of just 28 worldwide that doesn’t guarantee gender equality. Neither “women” nor “sex” are words appearing in the Constitution–showing the limited view our Founding Fathers’ had toward the understanding of women as equal citizens. Without specific verbiage in our Constitution, arguments against sex discrimination are under threat. Protections are vulnerable to being rolled back.

This Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) would guarantee equal rights to ALL Americans, regardless of sex. It’s been 98 years since the Equal Rights Amendment was first introduced in Congress. It’s been 49 years since the ERA was passed by Congress, and over a year since the ERA was ratified by the required 38 states. But still, the Equal Rights Amendment has not yet been added to the Constitution. Ratifying the ERA would confirm sex discrimination is inconsistent with our nation’s core value of equal protection under the law.

In the U.S., women still make 78 cents to every man’s dollar. This impacts families, what families can earn today, as well as women’s future retirement.

Let the work continue to secure and expand equal rights today.

So, let’s celebrate on this very important day. And let’s stand with all who toil to gain full rights and privileges. WE can do better.

Recognizing Women’s Equality Day helps us build a culture of inclusion that leverages diversity and creates equity in our workplace, health care and our communities. Learn more about ProMedica’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.