Russian Olympians Seek Medical Treatment in Toledo

Russian ice dancing pair Nikita (Nik) Katsalapov and Victoria Sinitsina are among the best in the world. They’ve been skating since they were four and have been a pair on the ice for two years. Both work hard to perfect their routines—training up to 14 hours per day, six days a week, and traveling all over the world to compete. That kind of physical activity can really take a toll on a body.

“We work a lot every day doing the same things,” said Nik. “My shoulder, sometimes, is really bad… but if you know that you have competitions coming soon… you need to go and show your best and work through the pain… but after that, you have to fix your problem.”

Which is why they have Dr. Kruse.

Roger Kruse, MD, a family and sports medicine doctor with ProMedica Physicians, has traveled internationally to work with figure skaters like Nik. So when Nik’s shoulder pain wouldn’t go away, he decided to seek treatment with a doctor he knew and trusted.

“He’s the greatest guy, he’s a great doctor,” said Nik, adding that Dr. Kruse feels like part of their team.

Dr. Kruse worked with orthopaedic surgeon Joseph Assenmacher, MD, who performed Nik’s shoulder surgery in Toledo, 5,000 miles from Nik’s home in Moscow. Drs. Kruse and Assenmacher expect Nik to be back on the ice in no time, working toward the ultimate prize: an olympic gold medal.

Click on the video above to see Nik and Victoria in action and learn more about Nik’s treatment in Toledo.