Fruit and Spinach Smoothie

My husband and I started making fruit smoothies for breakfast when I noticed that we weren’t getting in enough fruit throughout the day. This recipe is one that I developed and love to share because of its delicious flavor and balanced nutrition.

Plain Greek yogurt is my favorite addition to smoothies. The Greek yogurt adds a boost of protein to the smoothie, and the fact that it’s plain yogurt means it is lower in sugar than flavored varieties. The plain yogurt gives a creamy texture to the smoothie and lets the natural sweetness of the fruit shine! Make sure to look for yogurt that has added vitamin D, since many of us are low in this important nutrient.

Smoothies also offer a good opportunity to sneak in some vegetables, such as the spinach included in this recipe. You can try out variations of this recipe by mixing in different vegetables and swapping in other fruits to find your favorite combination.

Download the Fruit and Spinach Smoothie recipe.

Fruit smoothies make for a fun and delicious treat; whip one up as a snack or enjoy as part of a healthy meal!

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Chloe Plummer, MS, RD, LD, is a clinical dietitian with ProMedica Advocacy and Community Health, and her main passion is promoting childhood and adolescent health and wellness. She has a bachelor of science degree in Health and Sport Studies from Miami University and a master of science degree in Clinical Nutrition from Rush University. Read more of her Nutrition at the Table columns on HealthConnect.